How much will $105 get you at the State Fair of Texas?: New food edition (2023)

A visit to Big Tex could end up costing you a pretty penny. Here's what one person spent on food.

DALLAS — The State Fair of Texas is back in town and with it, lots of food options, games and exhibitions to keep you, your friends and family entertained for a few hours.

The State Fair of Texas runs through Oct. 23, so you have some time to plan your trip.

While the fair is fun, it can come with a hefty price tag. Depending on if you want to attend the fair for the rides, the food, the exhibitions, or just the vibe, there are various ways you can plan out how you hope to spend (or not spend) your hard-earned money.

I'm a Digital Executive Producer for WFAA and a first-time State Fair of Texas attendee, so I had been warned about how much one can plan on spending to attend. A visit to Big Tex could end up costing you a pretty penny.

So, I wanted to see how much $105 could stretch as someone who wanted to visit the fair for the food. While everyone goes to the fair with different goals in mind, it's worth noting that this breakdown focuses on how much of the State Fair of Texas' new or noteworthy food was purchased within a $105 budget.

Also worth a disclaimer: This breakdown was for one person, so if you have a child (or many), this may look different for you. Regardless, here's all that I did with $105 at the State Fair of Texas.

Tickets and parking

I'm not accounting for ticketing and parking in this breakdown and here is why.

If you were to take it at face value, ticket prices for the State Fair of Texas vary between $15 to $25 for general admission, depending on the day or time of day that you go.

Beyond that, there are also several ways to get discounted tickets or you could attend on a discounted day, so prices could vary substantially.

As for parking, those prices vary as well. Standard parking costs $20 per space, while premium parking costs $40. There are various lots aroundFair Park that you could also choose from and all at different prices.

You also don't even have to drive, with various ways to get to the Fair, including taking the Dallas Area Rapid Transit, using the Trinity Railway Express, Uber or Lyft, etc.

Here's a full breakdown of how to get to the State Fair of Texas.

Coupons are king

An important thing to keep in mind when you're at the fair: coupons are how you'll pay for food and rides. You'll need a separate card for playing games on the Midway, which you can purchase at kiosks and booths near there.

Each coupon is worth $1 and you can purchase them at various coupon kiosks or booths located across the fairgrounds. At the kiosk where I purchased my coupons, cash was not accepted, so it was debit or credit only. It also sold coupons in increments of $15, so I wasn't able to purchase an even $100, which is where the $105 comes in.

If you have any coupons from previous years, you can use them and they will be valued at the new $1 denotation, according to the Fair.

Important to note that regardless of whatever amount of coupons you buy, the prices for food and rides vary. The State Fair of Texas said prices for concessions and rides are determined by the people who run or own them, not by Fair officials.

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Finally, the food

The moment you've all been waiting for... the food. You can view a map of all of the State Fair of Texas food favorites, as well as the Big Tex Choice Award winners and finalists on the fair's website.

Here's a breakdown of the food I got to try within my budget:

Fletcher's Corny Dogs: 14 coupons for two corny dogs

An iconic State Fair of Texas treat. Fletcher's has several stands across the fairgrounds.

Pickle pizza: 10 coupons for one slice

How much will $105 get you at the State Fair of Texas?: New food edition (3)How much will $105 get you at the State Fair of Texas?: New food edition (4)

Credit: WFAA

You either love it or hate it. As a pickle fan, the flavor wasn't overpowering, but the pickle smell was if that's not your thing. Pickle Pizza is new for 2022 and can be found Pizza by the Giant Slice in the Tower Building food court and Pizza, Funnel Cakes & Lemonade near the Children's Aquarium.

(Video) Fair Delights II - (Trying New Foods at the 2022 State Fair Of Texas)

Big Tex souvenir cup: 10 coupons for one cup of fountain soda or juice, 3 coupons for a refill

How much will $105 get you at the State Fair of Texas?: New food edition (5)How much will $105 get you at the State Fair of Texas?: New food edition (6)

Credit: WFAA

If you want to stare into little plastic Big Tex's eyes while you drink (or if you want to feel slightly judged by an inanimate object while you're eating), this is for you. The cup can be refilled with soda or other fountain drinks at various refill stations across the fairgrounds. Refills are three coupons.

The Motherclucker chicken sandwich: 13 coupons for one sandwich

How much will $105 get you at the State Fair of Texas?: New food edition (7)How much will $105 get you at the State Fair of Texas?: New food edition (8)

Credit: WFAA

The Motherclucker is new for 2022. The Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich is offered in three spice levels: not spicy, mild and hot. I personally didn't want heartburn for the remainder of the day, so I went with mild. It still packed a mild punch, so keep that in mind if spicy isn't your thing. You can find the Motherclucker at Palmer's Hot Chicken on the Midway near the Greenhouse.

Fried Soul Food Egg Roll: Seven coupons for one roll

(Video) 2022 TEXAS STATE FAIR FOOD GUIDE!!! (New Items, Award Winners & MORE!)

How much will $105 get you at the State Fair of Texas?: New food edition (9)How much will $105 get you at the State Fair of Texas?: New food edition (10)

Credit: WFAA

This southern soul food-Asian fusion dish can be found at Dickel's Smokehouse. It's an egg roll filled with chicken and combined with collard greens and mac n' cheese.

Deep Fried Strawberry Shortcake Crunch Roll:16 coupons for one roll

This was by far my favorite new food for 2022 that I tried. The roll is infused with strawberry purée. The cream cheese icing and strawberry crunch was just the icing on top of a perfect sweet treat. You can find the roll at Gourmet Royale.

La Bluebonnet:20 coupons for two cups

How much will $105 get you at the State Fair of Texas?: New food edition (13)How much will $105 get you at the State Fair of Texas?: New food edition (14)

(Video) State Fair of Texas Food Tour

Credit: WFAA

This refreshing drink was a Big Tex Choice Award 2022 finalist. It was so nice, I had to try it twice. The drink was created by Milton and Grace Whitely and is inspired by Texas' bluebonnets. It's a sweet and tart treat worth checking out. You can find the La Bluebonnet at Milton's Turkey Legs.

Texas Star Ferris Wheel: 12 coupons to ride

How much will $105 get you at the State Fair of Texas?: New food edition (15)How much will $105 get you at the State Fair of Texas?: New food edition (16)

Credit: WFAA

While I'm not a fair ride person, would it be a trip to the State Fair of Texas without stopping at the Texas Star? The icon stands at 212 feet tall and gives you great views of the Dallas skyline and Fair Park.

So, in total, I spent every coupon I purchased. Your day might look different, but the food options available are endless. In reality, $105 did not stretch to include a buffet, but by prioritizing what you'd like to try, you could make it last longer than I did.

If food isn't your thing, there are a lot of other things to enjoy at the State Fair of Texas, including several exhibitions, car shows, free live shows, petting zoos and more.

  • Mavs Vault: Dallas Mavericks unveil interactive fair exhibit about team's history
  • Happy birthday, Big Tex! The beacon of the State Fair of Texas turns 70 today
  • State Fair of Texas tickets, parking: What you need to know before you go


How much are food coupons at the State Fair of Texas? ›

How much are coupons? Food and ride coupons are valued at $1.00.

How much money does the Texas State Fair bring in? ›

State Fair of Texas Statement of Activities Summary Years Ended December 31, 2021, 2020 and 2019
Operating Revenues$64,698,745
Operating Expenses$58,555,129
Excess (Deficit) of Revenue Over Expenses$6,143,616
Realized and Unrealized Investment Gain (Loss)$2,888,366
Changes in Net Assets (Net Income)$9,031,982

How much does it cost to have a food booth at the Texas State Fair? ›

20% Gross Revenue Share Food vendors do not pay a rental fee for their space. Instead, food vendors pay 20% of gross revenue to the fair. A $1,000 deposit is required to secure the space for each concession, but is credited to the account if gross revenue exceeds $1,000.

How much does the fair cost Texas? ›

Daily Admission Pricing

Ticket prices start at $15 for adult tickets and $10 for child and senior tickets. Prices for daily admission tickets vary by day of week. Ticket prices start at $15 for adult tickets and $10 for child and senior tickets.

What is the best food at State Fair? ›

Best State Fair Foods
  • Funnel Cake.
  • Cheese Curds.
  • Chocolate-Covered Bacon.
  • Corn Dog.
  • Fried pickles.
  • Deep-Fried Oreos.
  • Lemonade.
  • Elephant Ears.
27 Sept 2022

Do State Fair of Texas coupons expire? ›

Once you're inside, you'll need to trade your cash for coupons to fill up on fair food or have fun on the Midway. Coupons cost $1 and they never expire - so hold on to any extras for next year! Just like admission, the State Fair is offering deals inside the gate.

How much money should I bring to a fair? ›

The fair also offers a Read to Ride program where kids can write book reports and turn them in at the fair to get free ride coupons. The average fair-goer spends $5 to $15 a visit for food, according to Renee Hernandez, Fairplex spokeswoman. So a family of four can spend anywhere from $20 to $60.

Is Texas State Fair expensive? ›

With the way prices have risen over the last year, it makes it easier to splurge a little when you know how to save money at your favorite yearly events, like the 2022 Texas State Fair! Admission is typically $25 for adults and $18 for children (13+) and seniors (60+).

Is the State Fair of Texas worth it? ›

It's a Texas tradition

It's always held at Fair Park in Dallas, and people come from across the state to attend. The fair makes it worth the drive. Not only is it an all day thing, but a lot of people get memberships so that they can go over and over again throughout the month.

Can you vape at the Texas State Fair? ›

13. Smoking is not permitted in any buildings or tents within Fair Park during the Fair.

How much are fried Oreos at the Texas State Fair? ›

Deep-Fried Oreos

What is this? We got deep-fried Oreos from Ruth's Tamale House in the same plaza as Peanut Butter Paradise. One order was eight coupons ($8) and included three cookies drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with powdered sugar.

How much is a corny dog at the Texas State Fair? ›

Also, unless it's on your bucket list, skip the so called state fair tradition of having a Fletcher's Corny Dog. They are salty and nothing more than a small regular hotdog dipped in corn batter and fried and now cost a ridiculous $5 !! Many better food choices and certainly many better values.

What is a fair price for? ›

Fair price is a financial term commonly used in two different contexts. One is as a synonym for fair value, a theoretically unbiased valuation of an asset which may differ from its current market price. A second meaning of fair price is that at which demand and supply for a futures contract are equal.

Where is the 2022 Texas State Fair? ›

As the lights and sounds of the Midway come to an end for the 2022 State Fair of Texas, the memories made on the grounds during the Fair this year continue to echo throughout Fair Park.

Will there be a Texas State Fair in 2022? ›

The 2022 State Fair of Texas will run from Friday, September 30 through Sunday, October 23 in Fair Park," the State Fair of Texas said in a statement. If last year is any indication, the final three days of the fair will be packed.

What is the most popular carnival food? ›

The corn dog may just be the most popular carnival food. This iconic recipe is said to have been invented at the Texas State Fair in the late 1930's. Even today, this delicious and portable hotdog remains a fairground favorite across the country.

What is child age for state fair Texas? ›

Admission for children ages 3-12 ranges from $10-18, depending on the day, and children ages 2 and younger are free. The State Fair of Texas offers a Safe Kids Program for lost children.

Can you use cash at Texas State Fair? ›

But at the State Fair of Texas, they specifically refuse to let you buy anything with cash. No, you need to take whatever cash you're hoping to spend on the grounds over to a ticket booth and exchange it for the coupons that the fair requires all of its vendors use as currency.

Can I bring a backpack to the State Fair of Texas? ›

All Bags, including backpacks Purses that exceed 10” x 10” Medical Bags will be inspected upon entry All weapons of any sort ...

How much is parking at the State Fair of Texas? ›

State Fair parking is $20 per space at official Fair lots. All State Fair parking is well lit and conveniently located near pedestrian gates. Bicycle racks are located inside Gates 5, 6, and 11, but they are on first come first served basis. Premium parking is available for $40.

How much money do I need a week for food? ›

For a low-cost budget for a family of four, you can plan on spending $234.10 a week or between $936.40 and $1,014 a month. Moderate-cost plan. For a moderate budget for a family of four, you would spend $291.50 a week for groceries or between $1,166 and $1,263.5 a month.

How much money should you bring on a 10 day trip? ›

Rice says that a reasonable baseline is between $50 to $100 per day per traveler. Again, this is just an average. The amount of money already accounted for your trip, plus where you are going are the two biggest factors that make or break how much money you'll really need.

How much money should I carry in my pocket? ›

Carry $100 to $300

“We would recommend between $100 to $300 of cash in your wallet, but also having a reserve of $1,000 or so in a safe at home,” Anderson says. Depending on your spending habits, a couple hundred dollars may be more than enough for your daily expenses or not enough.

How much is a cowboy hat at the Texas State Fair? ›

So in late 1951, at what are presumed to be negotiations at the highest level, Fair officials purchased the Kerens Santa Clause for $750 (about $7,100 in 2016). Santa was headed to Big D.
1952 – 20122013 – Present
Hat75 gallon95 gallon
Boot size7096
Original Cost$750$500,000
12 more rows

Are rides free at Texas State Fair? ›

With more than 80 free attractions included with your admission, 70 Midway rides, and endless entertainment across the fairgrounds, the State Fair is excited to announce several new attractions for the 2022 event.

Are dogs allowed at Texas State Fair? ›

Pets Pets are NOT allowed. However, a service animal is permitted for individuals with a disability.

Are guns allowed at the Texas State Fair? ›

Are licensed citizens permitted to carry a firearm? While firearms are prohibited from entering the Fairgrounds, certain citizens licensed under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code (Handgun Licensing Law) will be permitted to carry a firearm in a concealed manner with a state-issued license-to-carry.

What shoes should I wear to the fair? ›

We suggest you dress comfortably, wear walking shoes – or cowboy boots if you prefer – and check the local weather report before you leave for the Fair.

What is the best State Fair to go to? ›

Here's our round-up of the best state fairs in America to add to your calendar in 2022.
  • Minnesota State Fair in St. ...
  • The State Fair of Texas in Dallas. ...
  • Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis. ...
  • Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. ...
  • New York State Fair in Syracuse. ...
  • Ohio State Fair in Columbus. ...
  • Arizona State Fair in Phoenix.
31 Aug 2022

Can I take my vape to a festival? ›

While e-cigarettes are evidenced to be 95% less harmful than cigarettes, not all public spaces allow vaping, so make sure to double-check that the event you're going to does beforehand. However, most if not all events will have a designated smoking and vaping area which is usually separate from the venue.

Can I bring my vape to a baseball game? ›

Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is permitted in a designated area outside the Third Base Gate. Tobacco use is prohibited in the seating bowl, concourses, Plaza, restrooms and in all premium seating areas.

Can I bring a vape to a stadium? ›

All guests are prohibited from smoking (including electronic cigarettes, vaporizers or similar products) inside and outside of the stadium at any time. Smoking is prohibited inside the stadium. This includes electric cigarettes.

Where is the cheap beer at the State Fair of Texas? ›

the cheap beer

Find the cheap beers for just 4 coupons here at the Beer Barn, or there are a couple of beer stands along the Funway that have select beers for just 4 tickets as well.

Is there alcohol at the Texas State Fair? ›

DALLAS — Rides, games and prizes. The State Fair of Texas is filled with things to make guests feel like a kid again. Surprisingly, though, there are plenty of things at the fair for adults only. Vendors throughout Fair Park sell beer, almost any kind of beer someone might desire.

Is there beer at the Texas State Fair? ›

Located in the courtyard of the historic Magnolia Lounge, the Magnolia Beer Garden is a destination for any beer connoisseur. With a selection of Texas, craft, and international beers, there is something to please everyone's taste.

How much is a hot dog at Texas Stadium? ›

In 2021, a beef hot dog would set back fans $5.49 at Texans home games. In 2022, the popular gameday handheld will cost $3.75, a nearly 32% price drop. Last year, soda lovers would need to shell out $4.79 for a 20-ounce beverage, but this item will cost $3.75 in 2022, representing a 21.7% price drop.

Are State Fair Corn Dogs fried? ›

Now you don't have to wait to enjoy State Fair Corn Dogs! Skewered hot dogs are dipped in a cornmeal batter then fried to a golden brown.

What is a Texas Hot Weiner? ›

In its simple, classic form, the Hot Texas Wiener is an all-beef hot dog "blanched" or par-cooked in 350-degree vegetable oil in a fry basket for a few minutes, cooked by another hot vegetable-oil bath in a tilted steel pan until done, and then placed in a bun, topped (in strict order) with a spicy, ballpark-style ...

What is the right price? ›

A price that seem fair from value point of view given the goods or services they are purchasing. From a competition point of view, the right price enables the buyer to compete more effectively in their own market.

What is affordable price? ›

If something is affordable, it means its price is low enough that you (or most people) have enough money to buy it. Affordable is the adjective form of the verb afford.

How do you calculate fair price? ›

Fair Value = Cash [1 + r(x/360)] – Dividends

Here, cash denotes the current value of the security, r is the prevailing interest rate charged by the broker, x is the number of days left in the contract, and dividends refer to the number of dividends that the investor will receive before the expiration date.

How much is the fair near me 2022? ›

General admission parking is $15 in advance and $20 at the gate; preferred parking is $35. Carnival tickets are $20 for 16 FunPass tickets, $50 for 40 and $100 for 80. A carnival ride wristband is $50.

How long is Texas State Fair? ›

At 24 consecutive days, the State Fair of Texas is the longest-running fair in the nation, as well as one of the largest.

How large is Texas? ›

How Big is Texas Compared to the United States? Texas is 268,597 square miles and the US is 3.797 million square miles so Texas is roughly 7% of the total land size of the US. In other words, the United States is 14 times larger than Texas.

How much are rides at Texas State Fair? ›

Most rides are $3 per person on 1/2 price day. For more discount options or information on any of the above, the State Fair of Texas offers tips to help you save.

Can I bring water into Texas State Fair? ›

Personal Food and Beverages

Tasting “Fair food” is a big reason why people visit the State Fair of Texas, but if you have any dietary restrictions or other reasons for wanting to bring your own food or beverages, please do. Please note: Alcohol, glass containers, and metal knives and forks are prohibited.

What are the best days to go to Texas State Fair? ›

Check out these deals, happening each week of the Fair's 24-day run!
  • Tuesday – Thrilling Tuesdays. Experience the thrill of the Midway together with friends or family at reduced ride prices every Tuesday.
  • Thursdays – Thrifty Thursday. ...
  • B.Y.O.S. ...
  • Coupons – Never expire! ...
  • $1 Water.
12 Jul 2021

How many coupons can you get for beer at the State Fair of Texas? ›

the cheap beer

Find the cheap beers for just 4 coupons here at the Beer Barn, or there are a couple of beer stands along the Funway that have select beers for just 4 tickets as well.

How much does a corny dog cost at the State Fair of Texas? ›

Also, unless it's on your bucket list, skip the so called state fair tradition of having a Fletcher's Corny Dog. They are salty and nothing more than a small regular hotdog dipped in corn batter and fried and now cost a ridiculous $5 !!

Can you bring your own food into State Fair Texas? ›

Bring your own snacks!

That's right – you can bring your own snacks and drinks into the park. While it's not a Fair-Fried delicacy, it certainly helps fill the hunger between each Corny Dog®. We just ask that you leave the glass bottles, metal silverware, and alcohol at home.

How can I save money at the Texas State Fair? ›

How to Save Money on Admission Tickets at the 2022 Texas State Fair
  1. Mondays through Thursdays, adult admission is just $15 while kid's (3 to 12 years old) and senior's (60+) tickets are $10.
  2. On Fridays, adult admission is $20, and kid's/senior's is $15.
  3. Seniors can enjoy $5 admission on Thursdays.
2 Oct 2022

Is smoking allowed at the State Fair of Texas? ›

The Fair has a strict "no smoking" policy. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the fairgrounds.

How much are Fletcher's Corny Dogs at Golden Chick? ›

"We are happy to once again have Golden Chick be a Corny Dog outlet for our wonderful Fletcher's fans who can't make our pop-ups," said Aaron Fletcher, CEO, Fletcher's Original Corny Dogs. A single corny dog costs $5.00 and a combo with fries and a drink is $7.99.

Is water allowed at State Fair of Texas? ›

You may also bring your own ice chest, drinks, and food. The only rule they ask you to follow is that there are no glass bottles, metal knives, or alcoholic beverages. Although the food at the fair is to die for, this could help cut some costs on things like snacks and bottled water.

What is the cheapest day to go to the fair? ›

Save Me Steve: 2022 State Fair of Texas Deals

The easiest way to save cash is to visit the fair during the week. Monday through Thursday one-day admission tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for kids and seniors. That's compared to $25 for adults and $18 for kids and seniors on the weekends.


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