Astoria’s Sugar Freak will reopen at former MexiBBQ location next month – (2023)

Astoria’s Sugar Freak will reopen at former MexiBBQ location next month – (2)

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Sugar Freak, a New Orleans-themed restaurant in Astoria, will reopen next month in a bigger space across the street.

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Formerly located at36-18 30th Ave., the eatery will take over the building that used to house MexiBBQ at37-11 30th Ave. Sugar Freak announced its closure in February butowner Michele Addeo and restaurateur James Paloumbis have partnered to bring back thispopular dining establishment.

The new restaurant offers more space, doubling the size of the dining room and giving ChefChristian Fajardo a larger kitchen. All the furniture from the old location, including vintage plates on the walls and the tin ceiling, will be moved to the new place.

Sugar Freak serves New Orleans-inspired dishes such as po’ boys, jambalaya and brunch items such as greens, eggs and ham; bananas foster french toast; and Louisiana barbecue shrimp Benedict. There will also be new additions like seafood boils and more baked cakes and pies by Pastry Chef Michele Addeo, who makes the popular beignets, deep fried banana pudding and traditional dump cake.

Additionally, Sugar Freak will also introduce delivery, catering and lunch service.

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“All parties are looking forward to continuing to serve Sugar Freak’s loyal guests, and gathering some new freaks along the way,” the owners said in a press release.

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