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As summer approaches, vacation season is in full swing. If you’re looking for a place to go but you’re not looking to book a trip of a tropical island, take a look at the ever-famous Palm Springs, California. Palm Springs is both a popular vacation destination as well as a popular place for people to go for spring break. So, whether you’re looking for a couples or family getaway this summer, or you want to get a group of friends together for a spring break vacation, Palm Springs will have a resort that meets your needs.

Palms Springs is located in the Sonoran Desert, and it has a hot, desert climate. The summers are hot and the winters are warm and mild, which makes Palm Springs the perfect place to vacation all year round. Since Palm Springs is a popular destination vacation spot, there will be plenty of hotels and resort to sort through. Don’t worry, this list has you covered and brings to you the best hotels and resorts that the iconic and picturesque desert town of Palm Springs has to offer.

Let’s have a look at the best resorts in Palm Springs:

1. Parker Palm Springs

15 Best Resorts in Palm Springs (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (1)Source: theparkerpalmsprings

This luxury resort is surrounded by picturesque palm trees and well-kept and manicured gardens. Parker Palm Springs has a number of accommodations for guests to stay in, including suites, villas and two-bedroom residences for guests who want to travel in style, or are traveling with a big family or group of friends.

For dinner, guests have their pick of two on-site restaurants at Parker Palm Springs. Norma’s effers five-star breakfast all day, and Mister Parker’s that serves gourmet bistro foods for dinner. Along with the on-site spa, Parker Palm Springs offers luxury sports for guests to play such as tennis and croquet.

Website: http://www.theparkerpalmsprings.com/

2. Hilton Palm Springs

15 Best Resorts in Palm Springs (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (2)Source: hilton

Nestled at the bottom of the San Jacinto Mountains, Hilton Palm Springs is an oasis in the desert in downtown Palm Springs with complimentary shuttle service from the international airport. Perfect for both family vacations and groups for spring break, guests can take their pick of both smaller guest rooms and luxury suites that have modern interior design.

Hilton Palm Springs offers guests casual dining at the Terrace Restaurant, and luxury cocktails at their poolside lounge. For couples who want to get away, there are private dining options as well. Along with the on-site Elements Spa for the guests who are looking for relaxation, there are entertainment options all around the downtown area of Palm Springs.

Website: http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/california/hilton-palm-springs-PSPPSHF/index.html

3. Las Brisas Hotel

15 Best Resorts in Palm Springs (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (3)Source: bestwestern

Las Brisas Hotel offers both state of the art luxury while being affordable for all types of guests. Surrounding by the desert, manicured gardens and iconic palm trees, Las Brisas Hotel gives guests their pick between a studio guest room or an oversized guest room suite with bed and living area.

Guests at La Brisas Hotel will have complimentary full American breakfast with their stay, and access to nearby restaurants for all their dining needs. Guests can also get poolside service at the Gazebo bar. For those who want to stay at the hotel, there are outdoor heated pools to lounge by, and for the adventurous, La Brisas Hotel is located close to many Palm Springs local attractions.

Website: https://www.bestwestern.com/en_US/book/hotel-details.05546.html

4. Triada Palm Springs

15 Best Resorts in Palm Springs (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (4)Source: triadapalmsprings

Triada Palm Springs boasts the ambiance of Hollywood nostalgia, while also being a desert escape. Located with a stunning view of the San Jacinto Mountains, Triada Palm Springs is magnificent destination. Guests are offered an array of guest rooms and luxury suites, with modern desert and Spanish estate architecture and design.

On site at Triada Palms Springs is the Iluminara Restaurant, where guests are treated to authentic, local cuisine as well as seasonal California dishes. Iluminara offers dining, poolside meals or room service, for every guest’s desires. Guests who are seeking the ultimate relaxing holiday will be able to indulge in the spa services onsite at Studio M, either poolside or privately in their rooms.

Website: http://www.triadapalmsprings.com/

5. L’Horizon Hotel and Spa

15 Best Resorts in Palm Springs (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (5)Source: lhorizonpalmsprings

Located just a short drive from downtown Palm Springs, L’Horizon Hotel is a luxury boutique experience, with delightful mid-century architecture that is reminiscent of the Hollywood golden days. L’Horizon Hotel offers guests a number of bungalow style rooms to stay in, some surrounded by gardens and others with built in fireplaces to make your stay feel as close to a luxury home as possible.

SO•PA is the onsite restaurant where guests will be able to dine on an intimate array of alfresco cuisine, complete with delicious seasonal menus and both intimate and family dining options. L’Horizon also offers an on-site spa called, simply, The Spa, with cabanas and indoor-outdoor settings that will allow each guest to fully enjoy the relaxation of their personal spa treatment.

Website: http://lhorizonpalmsprings.com/

6. Palm Mountain Resort and Spa

15 Best Resorts in Palm Springs (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (6)Source: palmmountainresort

Nestled in the very heart of downtown Palm Springs, and sitting in the shadow of the mountain, the Palm Mountain Resort and Spa is just moments away from the famous Palm Canyon drive of Palm Springs. Guests can take their pick of 142 guest rooms and suites with private patios or balconies, and views of the garden courtyards or the surrounding mountains.

Although there is no on-site restaurant, Palm Mountain Resort is located centrally in the downtown Palm Springs area, with many dining venues for guests to choose from all within perfect distance of the resort. For guests seeking a relaxing retreat, there is an on-site spa with luxury treatments. However, for guests looking to explore Palm Springs, there are plenty of nearby attractions such as the Palm Springs Art Museum, jeep tours and hot air balloon tours.

Website: http://www.palmmountainresort.com/

7. Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel

15 Best Resorts in Palm Springs (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (7)Source: renaissancehotelpalmsprings

The Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel boasts an array of indigenous style at their desert getaway location, sat at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains. At the Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel, the guest rooms and suites come with a stunning view of either the mountains, or a view of the resort’s pool. Guests will be able to lounge on their private balconies or patios and enjoy the warm weather from the comfort of their rooms.

Unique California culinary cuisine is prepared daily by the on-site DATE Restaurant and the Rocks Lounge, where guests can dine in or order food to be brought directly to their rooms for a more private experience. The resort comes with both a grand pool and kids pool area, so the whole family can enjoy pool activities at the resort. Nearby, there is also Palm Springs Golf and the Palm Springs Parks and Outdoor Adventure.

Website: http://renaissancehotelpalmsprings.com/

8. Two Bunch Palms

15 Best Resorts in Palm Springs (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (8)Source: twobunchpalms

An eco-friendly and sustainable resort, Two Bunch Palms is the United States’ oldest hot mineral springs resort located on 77 acres of a beautiful, desert oasis. This is a perfect place for couples looking to escape the rest of the world, this adults-only resort has only 70 guest rooms and suites that are placed throughout the property.

Essence is the on-site restaurant at Two Bunch Palms, and guests will find breakfast, lunch and dinner made with healthy, gourmet ingredients. The main attraction of Two Bunch Palms are the Desert Hot Springs, which are natural hot mineral water springs. The natural hot springs water is cooled from its natural temperature of 180 degrees to 104 degrees and 99 degrees into two separate grotto pools for guest to enjoy.

Website: http://www.twobunchpalms.com/

9. Hyatt Palm Springs

15 Best Resorts in Palm Springs (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (9)Source: hyatt

Hyatt Palm Springs is perfect for a family vacation or reunion. Located alongside the rolling desert hills, and surrounded by iconic palm trees, the Hyatt Palm Springs is a beautiful resort. This resort holds all-suite accommodations, with cabana guestrooms and patio access to the outdoor pools. The views that guests can choose from include a view of the pool, or a few of the mountains in the distance.

On-site dining includes the SHARE Small Plate Bistro and the HooDoo Patio Restaurant, where guests can enjoy casual dining and wine, or a Latin flavor combined with California cuisine, along with live entertainment on the weekends. Hyatt Palm Springs is centrally located so guests have access to all the excitement around Palm Springs, such as golfing, VillageFest and Indian Canyons.

Website: https://palmsprings.hyatt.com/en/hotel/home.html

10. Andreas Hotel and Spa

15 Best Resorts in Palm Springs (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (10)Source: andreashotel

The Andreas Hotel and Spa is a perfect escape for couples and honeymooners who are looking for a private, exclusive experience during their Palm Springs vacation. Located in the center of all the hustle and bustle of downtown Palm Springs, the Andreas Hotel has 25 guest rooms and luxury suites with a Spanish Revival style.

Although there is no on-site dining venue, the Andreas Hotel is located just a few minutes away from an array of delicious restaurants that will be sure to fill the cravings of whatever cuisine you’re looking for. For couples looking to escape their everyday stress, the Spa at Andreas has couple’s treatments that can add a dash of romance to the relaxing services you’ll receive.

Website: http://www.andreashotel.com/

11. Riviera Palm Springs

15 Best Resorts in Palm Springs (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (11)Source: rivierapalmsprings

Boasting the eclectic style, the Riviera Palm Springs Resort is a vibrant and laid-back playground for every type of traveler. The 398 residential-style accommodations give guests the choice between boutique rooms with views of the city of Palm Springs or the manicured grounds of the resort itself from each room’s private balcony or patio. The rooms here have an art-deco feel, with bright colors and modern art on the walls.

With a delicious array of local and home-grown ingredients, the on-site restaurant, Cantala, gives guests an array of California style meals. Guests can also enjoy the lounges and bars for casual dining or cocktails and wine. For fun for the whole family around Palm Springs, the Riviera Palm Springs Resort is located within miles of the Palm Canyon Theatre or the Children’s Discovery museum.

Website: http://rivierapalmsprings.com/

12. Desert Isle Resort

15 Best Resorts in Palm Springs (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (12)Source: desertisleresort

Framed by the magnificent rise of San Jacinto Mountain, the Desert Isle Resort is located on 7 acres of land, complete with picturesque palm and citrus trees. Guests will be able to stay in luxury style with a one bedroom or two-bedroom villa, with living and kitchen area. Each villa also includes a private patio or terrace.

Guests will have access to a full-service breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner served at the on-site restaurant. Or, for those who want to do a little cooking themselves, BBQ facilities are offered to guest. Located onsite are tennis courts and outdoor pools, saunas, hot tubs and a fitness center for guests to enjoy free of charge. Desert Isle Resort also offers free bike rental, so guests have an eco-friendly way to enjoy Palm Springs.

Website: http://www.desertisleresort.com/

13. Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs

15 Best Resorts in Palm Springs (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (13)Source: hrhpalmsprings

Get in the spirit of rock and roll at the Hard Rock Hotel, boasting to be one of the best places to stay in Palm Springs due to the rock ’n’ roll ambiance. Each one of the 163 guestrooms at the Hard Rock Hotel is unique with custom-designed furniture and artwork. Bring the whole family along and experience the Hard Rock Hotel that has had a history of hosting musical talent from all over.

The Kitchen is the Hard Rock Hotel’s on-site restaurant, with a relaxed dining atmosphere and luxury cuisine and first-class service. Adult guests are also welcome to enjoy The Club for music, casual food and drinks. For entertainment, the Hard Rock Hotel is famous for its live entertainment and DJ’s. Guests are also welcome to the Rock Spa and the Body Rock fitness center.

Website: http://www.hrhpalmsprings.com/

14. Courtyard Palm Springs

15 Best Resorts in Palm Springs (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (14)Source: marriott

Courtyard Palm Springs is conveniently located just a mile from the international airport, so there’s no hassle getting to your room no matter how far you’ve come. This hotel has manicured gardens and the picture-perfect palm trees that make this desert area so iconic. Courtyard Palm Springs has an array of guest rooms and suites, with views of the mountains and rolling desert hills.

Guests will get a choice of continental, full American or hot breakfast first thing in the morning to start each day of their vacation off right. The onsite Bistro also offers cocktail and dinner options during the evening hours. Along with the pool and fitness center, guests can take advantage of the central location near an array of Palm Springs local activities such as Wet n’ Wild Palm Springs and Indian Canyons.

Website: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/pspch-courtyard-palm-springs/

15. Korakia Pensione

15 Best Resorts in Palm Springs (CA) - The Crazy Tourist (15)Source: korakia

Surrounded by gorgeous gardens, olive and palm trees, the Korakia Pension is a Mediterranean style resort where all the rooms and suites are held in two historic villas. Guests can take their pick of a Mediterranean or Moroccan style villa, and gorgeous guest rooms, suites and bungalows that can fit the whole family.

Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine is available for guests for breakfast and lunch onsite at the resort. Guests can enjoy a communal meal, or get their food set up on a private courtyard. Korakia Pensione offers an array of unique amenities, including yoga, classic movies every night, a library and bikes to enjoy the surrounding Palm Springs shopping and activities without having to take your car.

Website: http://korakia.com/

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